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What Does the Dental Implant Recovery Process Look Like?

Henderson woman undergoing a dental implant procedure

Thanks to their comfort, natural looks, and minimal maintenance, dental implants are considered as one of the most effective ways to replace missing teeth.

This is for good reasons as well. Unlike dentures, they do not become loosened in the mouth. And unlike bridges, they don’t look out of place as compared to natural teeth.

But due to how dental implants are fixed into the jaw bone, they are considered a minimal surgical procedure. For this reason, some patients are concerned about dental implant recovery time and its effects on their quality of life. Thus, it is normal for you to feel this way too.

Here is a breakdown of the process to help you understand the effects of dental implant recovery. It would also help you understand how this recovery could affect your day to day life in  Henderson, Nevada.

The Dental Procedure Duration

The procedure to fix dental implants in itself can only take a few hours to a few weeks, depending upon your dental health. As such, procedures such as Henderson dentist Joshua Ignatowicz’s  Teeth in a Day program are so popular.

You start the procedure by going to a credible dentist and getting a dental examination. There, your dentist will let you know if your dental structure is fit to receive dental implants right away, or if you need any preparation.

If your dental structure doesn’t need preparation, then you may receive your implants within hours of the examination. But if you need preparation in terms of bone grafting, where the jaw bone is reshaped to accept the implant, then it could take a few months.

The dental implants fixation procedure only takes about an hour for an implant. If you need multiple implants, then it may take longer.

Sensations and Experiences After the Dental Implant Process

Your teeth, jaw, and gums could feel sensitive during the dental implants recovery process. This is normal and something that can be noticed in other dental procedures as well. Cold and hot foods may have more significant effects than they did before. Your gums could also bleed during the recovery process.

Since the implant is a titanium screw-type equipment, it is fixed into your jaw bone. Your jaw bone then has to mend around it to bond with it. The process could take anywhere from 4-6 months. During this time, your teeth may continue feeling sensitive, but the feeling would gradually decrease.

What You Need to Do After The Dental Implant Procedure

After the dental implant procedure, you may be left with the sensitive feeling as mentioned above. You should continue taking care of your teeth and dental health as usual. Simply visit your dentist according to the suggested timeline.

Don’t fret over every little thing during the dental implant recovery process. All you need to do is to look out for extreme signs of discomfort, pain or bleeding, and report them to your dentist if necessary. If you don’t feel any of these symptoms, then it’s a good sign and an indication that things are going well.

To make sure that your dental implants surgery goes as planned, contact a credible and experienced dentist to perform the procedure for you.

As someone who has studied specific branches of dentistry for years, Dr. Ignatowicz specializes in dental implants and has been performing these surgeries with a stellar rate of success. At our dental facility, you can ensure to receive the level of personalized care that you deserve with your implant surgery and its recovery.

If you need to seek help with your dental implants, contact Dr. Ignatowicz Henderson office today at (702)473-5100. Let us help you get your implants surgery on the way, and guide you with the recovery process as well.

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