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What Are Dental Sealants & Why Do I Need Them?

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As a parent, you know that oral hygiene and proper tooth care is a critical part of your child’s overall health. When a child’s permanent molars break through the gums, they have small pits and grooves which catch food particles, germs, and debris. Using regular daily brushing methods with standard bristles is not enough to remove these particles, and the teeth are at risk of cavities and tooth decay. How do you overcome this oral hygiene issue? Dental sealants in Henderson, Nevada.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a resin-based compound that is brushed on the molars and hardens into a plastic-like material in just a few minutes. They fill in the nooks and grooves so that food particles are unable to get stuck. To keep your child free from cavities and tooth decay, dental sealants in addition to daily brushing and flossing, drinking fluoridated water, and regular dental check-ups are critical. At the dental offices of Joshua M. Ignatowicz, our friendly doctor and staff have the experience and skills to show your children how to effectively brush their teeth and demonstrate why good oral hygiene is so essential at their young age.

While some dental procedures are quite time-consuming and can be painful, dental sealants only take a few minutes to apply and harden, so your child will not have to sit in our Vegas tooth doctor’s chair for an extended time or worry about being in pain. Protecting the integrity of your child’s teeth is extremely important, especially when the molars are still settling in, and sealants are the easiest solution.

Dental Sealants in Henderson, NV

At the dental offices of Joshua M. Ignatowicz, our experienced Vegas tooth doctor and staff understand how important your child’s oral health is and want to help you keep your child happy and smiling. We also know that going to the dentist can be frightening (for children and adults), so we work diligently to ensure your child feels comfortable and pain-free during their appointment. The dental sealant application process is quick and painless, so your child will be able to have a pleasant dental experience.

If your child is in need of dental sealants or any other dental procedure, contact our Vegas tooth doctor. We are dedicated to improving and sustaining the oral health of all of our patients. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Ignatowicz today.

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