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The Risks and Advantages of Dental Implants

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When it comes to tooth replacement, some of us try to ignore the pressing requirement for as long as possible. This way, they don’t only put up with consistent and painful symptoms of the diseased tooth, but also end up losing the tooth anyway.

So why do people avoid getting tooth replacement in the first place?

It is due to the problems that are associated with procedures such as root canals, dental bridges, and dentures. These issues include but are not limited to:

  •    Higher chance of fixed teeth being dislodged again.
  •    Greater risk of post-procedure infections.
  •    Feeling of uncomfortableness.
  •    Return of previous symptoms such as pain or tooth decay.

Fortunately, advancements in dentistry have made easier solutions such as dental implants to come to the forefront, which addresses these problems efficiently.

Here is an overview of the advantages as well as the rare disadvantages that are associated with dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are made to fix prosthetic teeth or special dentures into the gum bone. These implants are made out of a titanium post, which fixes into the gum like a root (also called an abutment).

The replacement teeth or dentures go on top of the implant’s titanium post. Afterward, these implants heal with your gum bone over time, seamlessly bonding within your dental structure as permanent teeth.

They look exactly like natural teeth, function like them, and require nothing but the same level of care.


Advantages of Dental Implants

There are many reasons why dental implants have risen in popularity over the past three decades.

These implants bring the following benefits to the table:

  •    They are fixed into the gum bone with their titanium root, which provides a permanent grip.
  •    They minimize the risk of post-procedure infections. The biodegradable titanium is known for helping in this aspect.
  •    They are quite comfortable to wear due to their firm fix.
  •    Their titanium based structure makes sure they are safe from issues such as tooth decay.
  •    In addition to the above, they do not need any special care. You can simply care for them as you do for your natural teeth.

Due to these qualities, dental implants are considered a sought after solution by many. With that being said, they do have their own shortcomings.

Rare Risks of Dental Implants

Although rare, the following risks could result from a dental implant procedure.

  •    Nerve damage in cases where the implant was not fixed properly.
  •    Injury to nearby teeth, gums or blood vessels. This also results from a bad implant job.
  •    Infection in the area of the implant. It is also often a result of a bad implant procedure.

If you have your dental implants fixed by a proficient and experienced dental surgeon, then you can minimize the risk of these rare symptoms even further.

Talk to an Implant professional

In order to ensure that you have all of your dental implants related questions answered properly, reach out to an implant dentistry professional. This way, you can get personalized advice about your specific needs.

As an experienced professional of implant dentistry, Dr. Joshua M. Ignatowicz has been serving the areas of Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. His dental practice is aided by an efficient and capable team which comprises of people that specialize in various branches of dentistry.

Whether you are looking for dental implants or just need a few comparative questions to be answered regarding other services, contact Dr. Ignatowicz today at (702)473-5100.


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