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The Health Advantages of Choosing Dental Implants

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You may think that missing teeth are just an inconvenience that makes you not want to smile quite as often. Did you know that those missing teeth can affect your overall oral health? Dental implants may be able to help keep your mouth healthy after you have lost teeth for any reason. Here are some of the healthy advantages of choosing dental implants.

How Are Dental Implants a Good Option?

Dental implants can make a fantastic difference in your appearance, self-esteem, eating abilities, mouth structure, and other oral health issues. With dental implants, you will get a permanent replacement for lost teeth.

Dental implants are affixed to the bone structure of your mouth, meaning they will not move and do not have to be stuck with adhesives, like traditional dentures. This implantation gives you the ability to eat and drink the things you might have been missing out on because of your missing teeth.

Your new dental implants will have a look and feel of your natural teeth, with the benefit that they can last longer — giving you a beautiful smile for life.

Health Benefits With Dental Implants

Along with the aesthetically pleasing aspect of getting dental implants, there are many health benefits for your mouth as well. Dental implants are attached to the bone in your mouth, in the holes left behind by missing teeth. This implantation gives support to the bone, surrounding teeth, and the gums.

When you have a missing tooth or teeth, the hole that is left can cause further dental problems down the road. These problems can include migration of healthy teeth, infections, and bone loss.

The root of your tooth helps maintain a healthy bone structure. When you lose a tooth, this bone begins to deteriorate, causing surrounding teeth to lean or migrate towards the opening. This leaning can cause damage to remaining teeth and could even result in further losses later.

Dental implants give support to this bone and allow for a healthier mouth for your remaining natural teeth.

A Healthy Mouth That Lasts

Protect your overall oral health by taking care of those holes left by missing teeth. Let the friendly staff at Dr. Ignatowicz right here in Henderson, set up your appointment, and get you back to a healthy smile in as little as a day. With Dr. I’s teeth in a day program, they can get you back to eating, living, and smiling in the quickest time possible.

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