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Steakhouses: Culinary Delight or Dental Nightmare?

steaks on a cutting board at a las vegas steakhouse right before causing some dental problems

With the exceptions for those who don’t meat out of a personal or medical choice, who doesn’t like a good juicy piece steak? Regardless of what your other eating preferences may be, a steakhouse is always considered as a premium treat reserved for special occasions.

It is for good reasons as well. The simple yet exceptionally delicious taste of a premium steak cannot be substituted by anything else. When you have it the right way, which is, of course, medium rare, the gastronomical delight is elevated to a level that is hard to outdo.

With Las Vegas housing some of the best steakhouses in the world, managed by just as popular celebrity chefs, the city is considered the place to be for those who love steak. But with the oral hygiene concerns associated with eating red meat, anyone who is visiting or residing in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada is bound to be worried about their dental health.

Las Vegas: A World of Fine Dining

Before we talk about brushing, flossing, and all the other oral hygiene essentials, let’s take a look at some of the most famous steakhouses in Las Vegas where you can get your fair share of premium beef.

  •      Golden Steer – Known for serving some of the most famous entertainers in the world such as Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, Golden Steer offers a classic steakhouse experience. Its filet mignon is especially famous for its deliciousness.
  •      Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres – If you are a culinary aficionado, then you may have likely heard of celebrity chef Jose Andres. This restaurant under Chef Andres’ is popular for letting people not only choose the cut of their beef but also select items such as foie gras cotton candy and caviar flights.
  •      THE Steak House – A lesser known gem, THE Steak House is the most popular within locals that swear by its taste and ambiance. Since you shouldn’t ignore the opinion of the locals when it comes to the highly diverse cities, this restaurant with its Surf ‘N Turf offering remains a must visit.

These are just three of the most famous steakhouses in Las Vegas. If you have time to explore, then you can find even more premium places to enjoy a steak in the city.

Steak: Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

No one can argue that eating a steak may be appealing, but the overall experience of going to a steakhouse remains as one to be cherished. That is one of the reasons why it is associated with special occasions, after all.

But at the same time, eating at a steakhouse also means that you are adding to your consumption of red meat. This is a call to watch your cholesterol levels and exercise accordingly.

With that, eating red meat and especially beef at the texture of a medium rare steak adds to a few issues that require ample oral hygiene practices. That is why, if you are a fan of steak, then you should make regular dental visits a part of your routine.

Best Oral Health Practices

Consuming steak regularly without proper dental care could cause you to land into an array of dental health issues.

Since steaks are hard to chew, breaking them down can cause significant pressure on your teeth. If your teeth are not regularly cared for, then the pressure can cause toothache, bleeding or swelling in your gums. Similarly, if any particles from the steak are stuck between any cavities between your teeth, then it can cause significant discomfort and also lead to pain.

With the number of acidic sides that are often consumed with steak, your teeth may also face some serious issues in removing those particles. This could lead to tooth decay if you do not brush and floss regularly.

To summarize, if you can’t keep away from these tasty offerings of beef, then maintaining optimal health practices is more important than ever.

  •      Brushing regularly – Make sure to use a dentist-recommended toothbrush and brush your teeth twice a day, especially after you have a meal. Use toothpaste that is also recommended by your dentist as the best fit for your teeth.
  •      Flossing regularly – Using a dental floss regularly would help you keep any harmful particles off of your teeth.
  •      Staying away from sugary foods – While steaks as a once or twice in a month occurrence can be taken in stride, consuming sugary candies or soda every day is a big no. It is the biggest cause of dental caries, which is why you should stay away from it.

In order to make sure that you are maintaining optimal oral hygiene, find a dentist in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, who is able to provide you with regular checkups to keep any dental issues at bay. As an award-winning dental health professional, Dr. Joshua M. Ignatowicz can be the prime candidate for that job.

Contact Dr. Ignatowicz and our team today at (702)473-5100, and let us help you take care of any food-related oral hygiene issues before they turn into a problem.

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