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Why You Should See Your Dentist Twice a Year

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Many people, in and around the Henderson, Nevada area, often ask, “How often should a person see the dentist?” The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends seeing a dentist every six months and there are many great reasons why:

  • Dental cleanings help prevent tooth decay
  • To have your oral health evaluated
  • To examine your mouth for gum disease
  • To remove stains from your teeth
  • To remove plaque and tartar build-up
  • To perform an oral cancer screening
  • To check for TMJ, which stands for the temporomandibular joint, the joint located in front of each ear


Because of the many intricate details involved in every dental exam, a lot of money, time

and pain can be saved by preventing problems before they begin. An experienced dentist, like Dr. Joshua Ignatowiczcan can detect problems long before they become too costly, time-consuming and more painful. Even worse is when the problem becomes irreparable and dentures or implants are the only solution.

A thorough examination will detect:

  • Tooth decay before it’s even noticeable to you
  • Changes in gums
  • Signs of loose or broken teeth
  • Problems with mouth tissues
  • Changes with tongue
  • An improper bite
  • Damaged fillings
  • Root damage or jawbone issues through an X-ray

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, gum disease is associated with

several other diseases because, when gums become infected, they become inflamed. This inflammation spreads, and then chemicals are released that eat away at the gums and bone. This is referred to as periodontal disease and can be responsible for such medical issues as:

Diabetes – periodontal disease can complicate the controlling of blood sugar because insulin is less efficient when inflammation is present.

Heart disease – gum disease and heart disease are, oftentimes be related. In fact, up to 91% of patients with heart disease also have periodontitis. One of the many reasons why is because both of these diseases include such risk factors as smoking, being overweight and indulging in an unhealthy diet.

     Not only in the Henderson Nevada area, but throughout the country, an estimated 51 million school hours are missed each year due to dental issues. This figure does not take into account the countless hours employees must miss work, each year, for the same reason. Visiting the dentist twice per year can drastically reduce this number by maintaining a consistent program of preventative dental care.

     So, think again, the next time you’re tempted to miss your next dental appointment. Doing so could end up costing you more money and time in the long run.

    To set up your next six-month exam,  contact or call (702) 473-5100 today.

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