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Secrets to a Healthier Smile

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Your smile can light up a room. Having a healthy smile is one of the best reasons to keep smiling. Dr. Ignatowicz and the best tooth team in Las Vegas love to see your smile brighten up our office, but we also want to provide you a helpful guide of dental tips to build your own routine for healthy and happy set of teeth.


Brushing basics are, well, often a basic skill we take for granted, and our dental tips wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t start at the beginning. There are quite a few factors that could be influencing your brushing habits. Every great job starts with the right tools, and you can improve your brushing routine just by selecting the right brush for you. We recommend a soft-bristled brush so you never risk damaging your enamel, while still actively removing plaque and bacteria. Additionally, smaller brush heads are an advantage to reach more surface area around your mouth.

So what’s the deal with a 45 degree angle? You may have gotten this advice before, and it’s true, one of our common dental tips about brushing is holding your brush at a 45 degree angle to your teeth. Here’s why: the upward angle on your top row of teeth, and downward angle on your bottom row of teeth increases the effectiveness of all your brush’s bristles.


Flossing is unmatched in its effect – more than toothpicks of any variety – because it gets between teeth where they touch and trap bacteria and debris. To be kind on your gums, work the floss back and forth as you move it towards your gum, instead of snapping it up or down with too much force.


Adding vitamins and other healthy essentials to your diet can support your teeth in amazing ways. Milk is an obvious choice for calcium, but you can also consider yogurt, kale, okra, collards, spinach, or try other calcium-fortified sources like orange juice and vitamins to strengthen your teeth – and bones! Getting a good amount of vitamin D will help your body absorb this calcium for the healthiest smile.


Sometimes it’s about what you don’t do. Skipping soda, cutting down, or cutting it out are great ways to remove tooth-damaging acids present in soda, as well as the acid that your mouth’s bacteria creates in reaction to soda’s sugar. That means all sugary foods are bad news for teeth. Smoking has damaging effects on a wide array of your health, but none more obvious than tooth staining. If you can’t get to your toothbrush away, at least rinsing with water can help keep some of the stain away.


Teeth are an incredible part of our body that do a lot of work every day, so taking care of them is one great way to improve daily health. Not only do teeth take part in our everyday activities, but they can also be a window into our overall health. The conditions of our teeth, gums, and the inside of our mouth can indicate changes in health that are important to track with your doctor. A health routine that includes these dental tips is a great way to keep smiling. If you have any questions, or would like to set up a consultation, contact our offices today!

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