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Implant Anchored Dentures
Henderson, NV

Elderly woman enjoying her new smile.Are you ready to upgrade your dentures? We can provide you with dentures that feel much more natural than traditional methods. The difference is in how they are stabilized in your mouth.

If you are frustrated by dentures that shift, rock on your gums, or come loose, our team at Joshua M. Ignatowicz DMD & Associates can help. With implant anchored dentures, your denture will stay where it belongs.

The frustration of traditional dentures is not having a good way to retain them. Store bought denture adhesives and suction do not provide the secure fit needed to ever feel comfortable.

Patients needed a way to firmly hold their denture in place. Dental implants have provided that tool. A dental implant is a surgically implanted post that is firmly held in place by the jawbone. With posts in place, we can hold your denture securely to your jaw.

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What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a device that Joshua M. Ignatowicz, DMD, DICOI, or one of our other dental implant experts, can use to reestablish connection with the jawbone. Naturally, our teeth grow a root system that secures them to the bone, but when the tooth is lost, so is the root.

A dental implant is a surgically implanted root. It is designed with a threaded end and a connecting head. The threaded end is sunk into the bone where as the bone heals, it will grow around the threads which provide much more surface area to make connections with the bone.

Once healed, the bone and implant are firmly bonded and a new root has been established. The head of the now implanted post can be used to secure a variety of prosthodontics including a dental crown, bridge or denture.

There are varying options available in how you want your denture secured, and depending on the type of denture will decide how many implants and what type of implants we use.

Options in Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures use implanted posts to anchor your denture. This can be done in a variety of ways, finding the solution that works best for you depends on the benefits you’re looking for.

Options include:

•  All-on-4® Treatment Concept: The All on 4 is a full arch bridge implant-retained denture system. This option most resembles your natural teeth.

We use four, sometimes up to six, dental implants that are longer than other implants, to secure a full arch of teeth directly to the jawbone. The implants are angled to reach denser bone making a bone graft procedure unnecessary before treatment.

All on 4 provides a full arch of teeth that are not removable, once they are in place they are permanent. The patient will need to use caution in what they eat for several months until the bone has healed.

•  Implant Retained Ball Overdenture: The ball overdenture begins with the surgical implantation of at least four dental implants. This system is designed to allow the patient to snap on and snap off their denture onto a ball headed implant.

This means that the patient has a secured denture when snapped in place that will not rock or shift around, but still allows the patient to remove the denture when desired.

This option may be preferred for patients who are more medically delicate or have difficulty cleaning their denture in place.

Placing Your Dental Implants

The surgical placement of dental implants is a minimally invasive procedure that is often approved for medically delicate patients as long as they are able to reasonably heal. It is completed in our office often with just a local anesthetic, though we have conscious sedatives available if needed.

Much of the work is completed in the planning; we may need to remove unhealthy teeth, treat infection, grow new bone and create a precise treatment map for placing the implants.

Setting the implants includes opening the tissue to the bone, creating a place in the bone, and then setting the implants into the bone.

With the implants in place, the healing can take time. Soft tissue such as gum tissue will heal quickly, in a matter of days, but bone tissue takes longer. We are looking for a natural healing process known as osseointegration to occur; this is the bonding of the bone tissue to the implant. Once healed, the bone and implant are fused firmly together.

Am I a Candidate for Implant Anchored Dentures?

Candidacy for implants does not look at age, rather the person's ability to heal at an appropriate rate. There are multiple health problems, medications they are taking, and other factors that can impact their ability to heal reasonably.

We will want to review and discuss this before surgery can take place. We are happy to discuss this with your primary physician if needed. In many cases, a simple change can make all the difference.

Implant Anchored Dentures Difference

Traditional loose dentures have long been known for only minimal assistance in function. They allow patients to chew some foods, but are frequently the cause for frustration and embarrassment. What was missing was a firm way to secure them.

Having your implant anchored to your jaw with dental implants dramatically increases the function and comfort in wearing dentures.

Implant retained dentures are far superior to your grandparents dentures. They will not shift or rock on your gums. They will not come out during social gatherings. Best of all, dentures that are anchored in place allow you to resume your regular diet once the bone has healed.

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If you are around Henderson or Las Vegas and looking for the best option for dentures or have any questions about dental implants, feel free to reach us at 702-473-5100 today!
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