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Pros and Cons of permanent denture treatments

Posted on 4/11/2022 by Joshua M. Ignatowicz DMD & Associates
Pros and Cons of permanent denture treatmentsWhen you think of getting a better smile you need to know available options so that you achieve that beautiful smile. This means that you can consider having dental implants or even dentures. The dentist will decide and guide you on the ones that look fit for you.

Fixed and removable dentures

Many people who wear dentures love the fact that they can remove them at any time and clean them effectively. For the overdenture, it is either partial or complete denture that is made of acrylic and denture teeth. When you have missing teeth then overdentures are a good option for you. The pos of having overdenture is that it is easy to clean, it is also less expensive. Having an overdenture will also require you to have a few implants in the jaw and it hides all the imperfections that are in the gum area.

The cons of having overdentures are that some people dislike removable dentures. You can have the dentures maintained twice a year. The overdentures can also chip over a while and can also cause discomfort by moving around at times.

Hybrid restorations

These are a fixed set of dentures that fit the lower and upper jaw. They do not come out when you are eating or talking. The pros of dentures are that they look like natural teeth and can be fixed in a day. The cons of the permanent dentures are that they can chip over some time and when you use abrasives the acrylic can stain. It is difficult to clean the dentures and may require more implants. Our dental team will take you through the pros and cons of each denture and you will choose which is good for you.
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