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What Are Cavitations and How Should You Treat Them?

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Joshua M. Ignatowicz DMD & Associates
What Are Cavitations and How Should You Treat Them?Cavitations are not widely discussed, probably because they occur after a tooth extraction that goes wrong, leaving a membrane behind. Cavitations present themselves as holes in the bones after a tooth is removed, which results in a dead bone. The most common place where cavitations occur is the wisdom tooth area, and that's why it is vital to seek a professional practitioner if you intend to have your teeth extracted.

Most people know that cavitations are caused by a range of factors, including a lack of sufficient blood flow where the tooth has been extracted. Since cavitation lesions resemble a void in the bone, creating a conducive environment for bacteria, fungi, and even viruses to thrive. Most dentists recommend using dental ozone to help destroy dead cells and bacteria. This is an effective method of ensuring that the pores of the bone are clean and bacteria eradicated.

How to Treat Cavitations

Before removing cavitation, an expert physician conducts an in-depth assessment to determine the affected area and the magnitude of the cavitation. A 3-D cone CT X-Ray is used to view the patient's bone better and identify suspicious areas. This involves identifying areas where bacteria are likely to be trapped, especially hollow bone areas.

The cavitation removal procedure is not invasive, although a laser specifically designed to kill pathogens is used. The laser effectively eradicates any disease-causing pathogens without compromising the regenerative ability of the bone tissue. Once the affected bone and infected ligaments are extracted, the dentist will rinse your mouth using ozone water before placing a bone graft.

It is essential to have the procedure done by a professional practitioner to consider your medical history to avoid any complications resulting from the procedure. A follow-up appointment is also scheduled to ensure that healing is taking place nicely.
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