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All You Need to Know About Overdentures

Posted on 10/25/2021 by Joshua M. Ignatowicz DMD & Associates
All You Need to Know About OverdenturesThe overdenture is a type of removable prosthesis supported by dental implants and the oral mucosa. It provides good retention and security, as it hooks onto implants that remain fixed in the mouth.

Overdentures are a good treatment option for patients who are missing several teeth, since they only require a couple dental implants to hold entire prosthetic arches. They are more comfortable than conventional removable prostheses since, due to the implants, they have more stability and do not have a palate. This way, patients do not feel discomfort, especially during the first adaptation period.

Overdentures Use

Overdentures are prostheses which patients can remove by themselves. They have the advantage that, by leaning on implants, they are just as sturdy and well-secured as other fixed prostheses while also allowing for ease of cleaning when taken out of the mouth.

In order to connect and disconnect an overdenture from dental implants, we design them with an incorporated bar system. These bars come in different types depending on their size and material, and remain fixated to the implants. Some bars keep the overdentures rigid, while others are resilient to movement.

Overdentures Advantages

Overdentures offer the riches of a fixed prosthesis despite being removable, such as greater strength when chewing and fewer movements when eating and speaking. Their versatility allows for wide cleaning comfort, which is crucial to keep them and adjacent teeth from accumulating bacteria. They also decrease bone wear due to not requiring glue or adhesive like standard dentures do.

It is important to emphasize the importance of good oral health habits to maintain your overdentures. After each meal, the patient must remove the prosthesis and clean it well to ensure better oral hygiene and care of the implants. It is advisable to remove the prosthesis at night and store it in their corresponding box so that the oral tissues can rest. If you want to know more about this procedure, please contact us today.

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