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3 Best & Worst Candies For Your Teeth
Posted on 10/21/2021 by Joshua M. Ignatowicz DMD & Associates
Woman eating dark chocolate bar
1.  Dark chocolate. Did you know that dark chocolate is not only of the least offensive candies to your teeth, but is packed with ingredients that can actually help them?
•  Polyphenols help control acidic levels and get rid of the bacteria in our mouths, making our breath fresher.
•  Flavonoids help slow down tooth decay.
•  Antioxidants help fight gum disease.

I know. Most candy bars are made with milk chocolate. And kids typically prefer milk chocolate, too. That’s because milk chocolate has been highly processed, removing beneficial ingredients and adding an enormous amount of sugar. Both are fairly easy to clean off teeth, but only by making the switch to dark chocolate will you increase your oral health.
2.  Sugar-free gum and candy. Sugar increases the pH level, or the acidity in your mouth, which speeds up tooth decay. Also? Bacteria literally FEEDS on sugar. Two reasons why sugar-free is a much better choice when it comes to your teeth.
3.  Candy with nuts. Not only do the protein and fiber in nuts have nutritional value, but they help get rid of the sticky stuff by breaking it up

1.  Sour Candy. Sour candy has a very low pH level, meaning it has a LOT of acid. In fact, many sour candies have a pH level so low that it can burn your gums and cheeks. The effect on your teeth is an alarming rate of erosion to your protective enamel. Without this protective layer, teeth become prone to cavities and decay. The erosion to the teeth is so immediate and immense, that you should wait about an hour to brush your teeth after eating sour candy, so you won’t further erode your teeth while the acid attack is still active. Because sour candies are often either hard or sticky, this only increases the level of damage they can do to your oral health, making them the most harmful candy.
2.  Sticky Candy. Taffy, caramel, gummies. Anything sticky does just that- it sticks to your teeth. This is problematic because even if you have impeccable brushing and flossing habits, some of those grooves and cracks are big enough for sugar, but too small for a toothbrush/floss. That means, that gooey, sugary stuff stays on your teeth for a really long time, increasing the risk for cavities and decay.
3.  Hard Candies. If you bite down, talk, or swizzle hard candy around your mouth, you could potentially break a tooth. However, another danger with lollipops, jaw-breakers, and other hard candies is the amount of time they stay in your mouth. Because they are mixing with your saliva that entire time, then carrying the bacteria to the rest of your mouth, hard candies can be some of the most cavity-inducing candies of all.

Remember, there is also always the option of no candy, which is the best choice of all. I can’t say I have ever completely ditched candy on Halloween- it’s okay to indulge every once-in-a-while. The more important thing is how often you eat candy and how long it stays on your teeth. This Halloween, consider picking out some of the best candies and enjoying them all while you watch your favorite Halloween movie.
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