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Which Options Work Best for Repairing Cracked Teeth?

Posted on 8/23/2021 by Joshua M. Ignatowicz DMD & Associates
Which Options Work Best for Repairing Cracked Teeth?Do you have cracks in your teeth? How we repair, the cracks will depend on the type of crack and its location.

What Types of Crack Can Develop in Teeth?

Some of the cracks that emerge in the teeth include craze lines, which are superficial cracks, fractured cusps, vertical cracks, vertical root fractures, and split teeth. Therefore, how we fix a crack will be based on the kind of crack we need to repair. Because craze lines are cosmetic in nature, we do not need to repair them. However, we will monitor them and may conceal them by whitening them or applying a composite resin.

Repairs for Dental Cracks

If a patient has a fractured cusp or a part of the chewing surface breaks off, we may fix the problem by performing a root canal, filling the tooth, or adding a crown. It just depends on the severity of the crack. If the crack spans from a tooth's chewing surface toward the root, we normally will perform root canal surgery. In some instances, the tooth may need to be extracted and an implant placed. If a crack causes a tooth to split, the tooth usually must be removed, and an implant placed. If the tooth is a molar tooth with multiple roots, the tooth might be saved with a root canal and by placing a crown over the tooth's undamaged area. A vertical root fracture travels from a tooth's root up to the chewing surface. Unless we can remove a part of the fractured root, the tooth will be removed and replaced with an implant.

Preventing Dental Cracks

The best way to prevent dental cracks is to refrain from eating anything hard or chewing on items, such as pens. If you have a dental condition, such as bruxism (clenching and grinding of the teeth), ask us about having a mouth guard made.

Do you currently have a pronounced dental crack? If so, you need to have it treated immediately. Give us a call to book an appointment for an exam today.
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