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Oral Health Care And Prevention

Oral Health Care Prevention

At the office of Joshua Ignatowicz, DMD, we care about our patients like family. We not only strive to keep our customers healthy, but we also make every attempt to save them both time and money. One of the best ways to avoid costly surgeries down the road is to take preventative measures that will lengthen the life of your pearly whites. Many of these actions are immediate strategies that you can implement in the comfort of your own home to improve the function and visual appeal of your teeth; others are great suggestions to ensure that your smile never loses its radiance.

Home Prevention

Though it may seem like an obvious place to start, we should mention that brushing your teeth remains one of the best ways to keep them clean, white, and strong. Make sure that you use fluoridated toothpaste to protect and strengthen your enamel. Some people also overlook the importance of flossing, which removes the rotting food that allows bacteria to deteriorate your teeth and infect your gums. Just as important, however, is what you put into your mouth. Excess sugary foods erode the enamel that protects your teeth, so it’s very important to limit your sweet indulgences.

Dental Checkups

Some cleaning methods are best left to the professionals. Dr. Joshua Ignatowicz, DMD, is a highly trained professional in all forms of dental care and is familiar with numerous surgical tactics. Ultimately, he prefers to keep his patients from ever requiring these costly and time-consuming methods through regular checkups and cleanings. If it has been a while since you’ve visited your dentist, or if you’re searching for a new dentist, give us a call today to set up an appointment and take the first steps toward preserving your perfect smile.

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