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Mini Dental Implants vs Traditional Implants

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Over the past few decades, dental implants have increased in popularity as an effective way to replace diseased or lost teeth. The reason behind this is quite understandable when you look at the advantages that they bring to the table.

Unlike dentures, dental crowns or bridges, dental implants get fixed within the gums with a titanium post. This makes them a permanent resolution for dental problems. With that, they are also easy to maintain, since you only have to care for them the same way as you do for your natural teeth.

Due to these advantages, dental implants are considered as one of the most prominent and sought after options for teeth replacement. With the procedure receiving this much attention, it has also made way for further advancements such as mini dental implants.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Like conventional implants, mini dental implants are also made out of titanium.

Their titanium post or root, which is also called an abutment, is fixed within the gum in place of a lost tooth. This post then supports a compatible denture which can be used as a permanent tooth.

Despite their name, being “mini” doesn’t mean that they are inferior in functionality to conventional implants. With that being said, there are a few differences between conventional and mini dental implants that need to be understood. This helps you make informed decisions while reaching out to dentists in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.

What Is The Difference Between Mini And Traditional Dental Implants?


As their name suggests, the biggest difference between mini dental implants and conventional dental implants is their size.

Conventional implants sizes start from 3.4 mm in diameter, while mini implants start from 1.8 mm. This makes mini implants quite easy to fix in narrow spaces, while also being a good fit for people with smaller teeth, gum tissue or healthy gum bone.


Since mini dental implants use less titanium and often require less time and work to be fixed, their costs are significantly decreased for patients.

This makes them more affordable as compared to conventional implants.


Conventional implants consist of a single abutment that is fixed within the jaw bone and is then connected to a denture.

Whereas, mini dental implants consist of two sections. One of them is the titanium post with its head shaped like a small ball. The second part has a socket with an O-ring that goes over the ball, which helps fix the denture on top of the implant.

Who to See About Dental Implants?

Whether you are debating between getting conventional or mini dental implants or simply need to check if you need implants at all, then reaching out to an experienced dentist is the best approach to take.

Regardless of what your intent is, only a capable dentist can let you know whether your dental structure would allow for mini dental implants to be fixed.

As one of the few dentists in Henderson, Nevada to have received the Fellowship and Diplomate status from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), Dr. Joshua M. Ignatowicz can help you with all of your questions.

Contact Dr. Ignatowicz today at (702)473-5100, and let our proficient team help you find dental implants that are the best fit for you.

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