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How To Keep Your Gums Healthy

Healthy gums are a keystone of total body health, but often we may not have the strategies and routines that will keep our gums happy. With just a little attention, care, and some flossing tips from the Vegas tooth doctor, you can equip yourself to care for your gums that will keep you smiling.

Brushing basics will give your gums a daily boost, as good brushing technique encourages blood flow in the gums, and removes plaque from most areas of each tooth. For healthy gums that are not irritated, remember to keep a gentle touch when brushing. This is also beneficial for the enamel on your teeth.

Studies show flossers live an average of 6 years longer than non-flossers, since good gum health reduces bacteria and the likelihood of periodontal disease – which could increase your white blood cell count. So maintaining healthy gums can help reduce stress on your immune system!

With new technology emerging all the time for all areas of our lives, it can be tough to choose the right tool for each job. Fortunately, when it comes to flossing, the simplest answer is the best. The original string floss, waxed or flavored as you prefer, is great for your gums. Because string floss can get between even the most compact areas of teeth, flossing regularly with this simple tool will greatly contribute to your healthy gums.

Picks and other floss holders or floss with handles may not give you the best advantage for caring for your gums. In fact, wider tools like wooden and plastic toothpicks can cause damage if they are wedged between the gaps in your teeth.

Watch what you eat, and avoid fizzy and sugary drinks whenever possible, as the mouth turns these sugars into acids, in addition to the acid these drinks already contain. Cheese, on the other hand, can help create alkaline saliva to layer your teeth with some protection. In addition to eating alkaline inducing foods like apples, asparagus, garlic, mangos, mushrooms, and watermelons, eating pineapple can help your body best use these ph balancing foods because of the probiotics present in pineapple.

Enamel is softest just after a meal, or just after getting a wash of acidic drinks like soda or lemon water. Brushing after consuming acidic food or drinks could irritate gums and damage teeth, so we recommend waiting to brush until a bit later. Try brushing before you have breakfast, instead of right afterward when your enamel is weakest.

Gum disease is no fun to think about, but the results of avoiding it are great reasons to smile. When you have healthy gums, and protect them from gum disease, you are actually preventing other inflammatory problems and other diseases that can begin in your blood or in infections related to gum disease.

Anything unusual in your gums, like pain or bleeding, could be a cause to come visit Dr. Ignatowicz. We hope you find this guide a helpful tool to keep your healthy gums at their best, so you can keep your visits to regular check ups.

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