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Fluoride Treatment Facts

For decades, fluoride treatment has been held in high regard throughout the dental community. The main reason for this, is due to the fact that fluoride, on its own, is an important mineral for your oral health. Once absorbed, fluoride strengthens your tooth enamel, thereby preventing the decay of tooth structures (AKA cavities).

In nearly every U.S. community, public drinking supplies are supplemented with sodium fluoride because the practice is acknowledged as safe and effective in fighting cavities. In fact, even the ADA recommends the supplementation of fluoride in water supplies, given the many benefits for oral health.

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What Is Fluoride?

Now that you’re aware of the benefits fluoride can provide, you may be wondering “what is it, exactly?” It’s quite simple: fluoride is a safe compound that is found throughout nature- in everything from the water we drink to the air that we breathe, as well as in a wide variety of foods.

Why Is Fluoride Important To Teeth?

Fluoride is absorbed into structures, such as bones and teeth, making them stronger and more resistant to fractures and decay. A process in your body called “remineralization” uses fluoride to repair damage caused by decay.

How Do I Get Fluoride?

Simply drinking public water will provide a certain measure of fluoride protection. But for years, health professionals have endorsed the practice of supplementing our intake with certain dietary products and topical fluorides in many toothpastes and some kinds of rinses.

Beverages such as tea and soda may also contain fluoride, while certain kinds of dental varnishes and gels may be applied directly to teeth to boost fluoride intake.

Fluoride at Your Dental Office

Until you are 18, your dentist or hygienist should apply a fluoride treatment to your teeth during each dental visit. The concentrated fluoride your dentist uses should remain on your teeth for one minute and should not be rinsed away for at least thirty minutes.

Proper fluoride treatment will strengthen the enamel and make your teeth more resistant to cavities, which is why every dental professional is in agreement when it comes to practicing this treatment for their own patients.

At the offices of Joshua M. Ignatowicz, we take every patient’s oral health seriously. Providing fluoride treatments to our patients is just one way to achieve our goal of giving everyone a healthy and radiant smile. Contact our Henderson offices today to schedule an appointment.

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