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The Effects of Alcohol on Your Gums

Your gums are a look into the rest of your oral healthcare. We know that acidic alcohol beverages affect your teeth, such as wine, but the real damage from alcohol occurs to your gums. Your gums are affected more than you may realize, and your dentist in Henderson NV office of Dr. Ignatowicz is here to explain the negative attributes.


Alcohol Can Cause Gum DIsease


Alcohol has been a leading factor in periodontal disease (known as gum disease) through various ways. Alcohol increases inflammation, aids in the bacterials growth associated with gum disease, and can cause damage to your teeth, as well.


Alcohol Causes Gum Recession


Receding gums cannot be cured, but they can be prevented from getting worse. Gum recession occurs when plaque and tartar gets between your teeth and your gums, causing inflammation and giving you a loose feeling to your teeth. This allows bad bacteria to get into the areas surrounding your teeth, which mouthwash and regular brushing cannot remove. Your dentist will have to use specialized tools to remove this plaque and tartar.


Alcohol’s role in gum recession comes back to the main symptom caused by it: inflammation. When your gum are inflamed, your teeth feel loose, your gums feel sore, and plaque buildup multiplies at a quicker rate.


Consumption of Alcohol is Related to Bleeding Gums


Yes; your gums are susceptible to inflammation, which expand the blood vessels in your gums, causing them to swell. If you’ve ever bumped your head or arm, and the swollen area split and bled well after the injury was sustained, you have a good understanding of how it works with your gums. After enough inflammation occurs, the blood vessels are constricted and can rupture, or your gums can split.


Gum DIsease is Not Exclusive to Alcohol ABuse


Though alcohol abuse often comes with a slew of other medical issues, such as gum disease, casual consumers of alcohol can (and do) experience gum disease. In most cases, limiting your alcohol consumption and being proactive with your oral healthcare can reduce or eliminate your risk for gum disease. The most surefire way to avoid alcohol-related gum disease is to not consume it.


Avoid gum disease; adhere to your regular checkups and avoid alcohol consumption when possible. Keep up with your regular dentist Henderson NV office visits, and stay on top of your oral healthcare.

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