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Do I Need Mini Dental Implants?

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All smiles are different. For that reason, there are several dental implant options available. Smaller mouths specifically require different implants than the traditional options; enter the Mini Dental Implant (MDI).

A traditional implant and an MDI do not vary in quality. However, an MDI is available in smaller sizes than a traditional implant, making it an ideal option for cosmetic dental patients with smaller teeth or a better solution to fit into narrower gaps. To decide what implant is right for you; you will have to consult a dentist. But, with Dr. Joshua Ignatowicz experience and training in the area of implants, he is the best option to address your implant concerns.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

Just like a traditional dental implant, an MDI is made of titanium and implanted with a post that acts as the root for your new tooth. But there are several differences between Mini Dental Implants and a traditional implant that can impact whether an MDI is right for you. MDI are smaller, therefore cheaper, and have a slightly different structure than a conventional implant.

The biggest difference is the size. While sizing for a traditional implant will start at 3.4mm of diameter, an MDI is available as small as 1.8mm. This means that an MDI can fit into a space that a conventional implant cannot fit. And for patients with smaller teeth, an MDI can seamlessly fix a missing tooth without standing out from the other teeth.

Are Mini Dental Implants Right for Me?

Only a dental professional can help you decide what kind of implants is right for you. While you can read the benefits of an MDI, many other factors determine whether this is the right option for long-term results based on your tooth placement, jawbone, and gums.

With the high demand for implants and so many advancements in the dental field, choosing the right dental implants and completing your treatment are easier than ever. A well-placed implant can last decades. So it is important to discuss your intent with an experienced professional that can bring your desired smile to fruition. Dr. Ignatowicz even offers a Teeth In a Day program where you’re able to receive your implants and walk out with a brand new smile in one day.

Mini Dental Implants Have a Big Impact on Your Smile

Mini Dental Implants may be titled “mini”, but there is no doubt that they can have a big impact on your smile. Our smiles very often make a first impression for us, so make sure it’s a good one. Contact Dr. Ignatowicz today to discuss your implant needs and decide if a Mini Dental Implant is right for you!

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