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How Safe Are Dental X-Rays?

There are so many reasons why people hate going to the dentist. The reasons for this disdain may be due to the sounds of drilling, the possible pain you might endure or the thought of someone poking around in your mouth. However, one of the most common fears for dental patients — and one that rarely talked about — are dental x-rays.


Millions of Americans receive dental x-rays each year, but most patients wonder just how safe they truly are. Thankfully, in 2018, there are more ways to make them safer than ever before.

The Benefit of Understanding Dental X-Rays

An explanation on why they’re needed and learning the methods doctors and nurses practice to keep you protected can help you understand that dental x-rays CAN be safe.


Let’s begin with understanding that dental x-rays are on the low part of the scale with how much radiation they emit, but it is still dangerous to be exposed to radiation, regardless of how powerful the radiation source is.


With that said, one x-ray emits the same amount of radiation that is equivalent to a day spent outside in the sun. Even though most people don’t mind the sun there are still precautions to take such as wearing hats and sunglasses or using sunscreen. Just like protecting yourself from the sun, there are ways to protect yourself from dental x-ray radiation.

Utilizing Leads For Added Protection

Leads, also known as protective aprons, can be worn to protect certain areas of your body from excessive amounts of radiation. They are made from lead and a rubber guard that is 90% effective in reducing the amount of radiation to pass through, depending on the energy level of the x-ray.

Why Dental X-Rays are Important For Proper Diagnosis

Now that we can understand that x-rays are somewhat harmful, it is important to note that in most instances they are helpful and crucial for a doctor’s diagnostics.


Dental x-rays are important to use in order to capture things doctors can’t see with the naked eye, such as areas of decay, bone loss or changes to a root canal. They also play a critical role in identifying wisdom and permanent teeth in children and detecting early decay or gum disease.


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