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Dealing with Dental Pain? A Root Canal May Be the Answer

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Toothache or dental pain is quite a common symptom. That is why most of us don’t think much about it when it happens. Instead, taking a painkiller and waiting for the dental pain to pass is usually the way to go.

But as quick-acting as that approach may seem, it is actually quite dangerous. When it comes to dental issues, painkillers may only provide temporary relief with the root cause of the pain still staying intact. Unlike our body that can be treated from infections with a few antibiotics, our teeth are more prone to permanent damage.

That is why, it is important to reach out to an experienced dentist in Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada, whenever you feel dental pain. Depending on the condition of your teeth, they can perform procedures such as root canal and dental crowns to help alleviate your pain permanently.

Why Does Your Mouth Hurt?

Whenever you feel dental pain, determine why your mouth actually hurts.

Dental pain may be a result of poor oral hygiene. This, in turn, may cause issues such as decayed teeth, affected gums or a combination of both conditions.

With that, your mouth may also hurt due to a number of other issues, such as tooth infections.

Reach out to a dentist for a proper diagnosis of a problem, who can then determine what steps they can take to help you with pain relief.

What Can Be Done?

After a thorough checkup, your dentist would determine the proper steps to help you with your dental pain. Much like bodily diseases and conditions, the treatment is dependent on the cause of the problem.

For instance, if you have a decayed tooth that is causing pain, then your dentist would check which part of it is affected.

If the problem or decay is visible on the surface area of the tooth, then your dentist would clean the area of the decayed tooth enamel and cover it with special dental filling to shape it as a natural tooth. These fillings and coverings are called dental crowns.

But if your teeth are decayed or infected from their inside or their very root, then your dentist would need to perform a root canal.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal refers to the cavity inside the root of a tooth that is naturally full of tooth enamel. But the term also refers to the dental procedure that helps repair this part when it is decayed or infected.

It is often considered a more intricate process than dental crowns, as such, it is important to have it performed by a credible dentist.

Holding extensive experience in performing root canal procedures, Dr. Joshua M. Ignatowicz can help you with the process easily.

Dr. Ignatowicz and our dental team members ensure that you are comfortable during the process by explaining the procedure to you in an in-depth manner.

Once you are comfortable and have received your preferred mode of sedation, the process is started by getting the “pulp” of your affected tooth cleaned out properly.

This involves the process of taking out the center of your tooth enamel as well as the root that is inflamed or infected. The area is then cleaned out properly to make sure that no signs of the inflamed root or infected bacteria remain inside.

Afterward, the cavity is filled with special filling to make sure that the tooth remains intact. You are then asked to rest for a while before you can go home.

It may take some time to familiarize yourself with the filled out root canal, but it provides you with certain relief from your pain. You can then discuss your observations in your follow up visits.

Talk to the Professionals

The first step to recover from dental pain is to realize that you may have a serious problem in your teeth. Even if the pain is temporarily relieved by painkillers, don’t hold off on a visit to your dentist.

At Dr. Ignatowicz’s office, we are dedicated to providing you with the answers and care that you need. We understand how daunting dental pain may be, and how scary relief procedures may sound to you. That is why we take the time to provide you with personalized care and reliable medical attention no matter if you need help with dental crowns or root canal.

Contact Dr. Ignatowicz and our team today at (702)473-5100, and let us help you alleviate your dental pain.


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