sdcdw@#!!!DID YOU KNOW THAT November 15th is National “Clean Out Your Fridge Day”? You finally have an excuse to throw out that thing in the back of the fridge that may or may not be your kids’ science experiement (eek!).

And while you’re at it, here’s a list of holiday foods that will help keep your teeth (& the rest of your body) happy all year long:

  • CHEESE: Cheese has lots of calcium, helping keep teeth & bones strong & healthy. It also has a low pH, which helps fight cavities, especially after drinks high in acidity (like alcohol). So, pass the cheese please!
  • VEGGIE TRAY: Not only are veggies LOADED with vitamins and minerals, but they also act a lot like a toothbrush, the fibers brushing away plaque from your teeth.
  • DARK CHOCOLATE: Dark Chocolate has much less sugar than milk or white chocolate, but a higher concentration of cocoa. It also has natural antioxidants, making it one of the most delicious and nutritious snacks for the holidays.
  • SUGAR-FREE GUM: Chewing gum after eating increases your saliva-production. This can neutralize and wash away acids and bacteria from your food while freshening your breath.
  • TURKEY: Turkey is high in protein, packed with vitamins, and doesn’t stimulate cavity-causing responses in the mouth. So get basting!