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Chewing Tobacco and Its Effects

Tobacco has been a faltering industry for a few years now, and even more than that, chewing tobacco is falling on its head. The negative effects on your health have received more spotlight, and users are stunned. Chewing tobacco comes with numerous detrimental effects—here are the most damaging.

Mouth/Jaw Cancer

Right next to alcohol use, chewing tobacco is the leading contributor to more cases of mouth/jaw cancer in the United States. Tobacco is absorbed through the glands of your mouth, and filter into your mouth tissue. Through constant filtration and absorption, cancer rapidly spawns. The number one reason to stop using chewing tobacco is solely due to mouth cancer. The other effects of tobacco are also extremely negative, though less life-threatening.

Chewing Tobacco Causes Tooth Rot

Tobacco also plays a huge role in tooth loss, early rotting, and the rapid decay of your teeth. Your teeth with change color, becoming a yellowish-brown and will begin to lose their shape. There’s also an immense impact on your gums as well. Gum tissue can be completely destroyed, leaving the root of your teeth susceptible to immediate decay and infection.

Bad Breath

Chewing tobacco digs its way into your gums and teeth, but also into the lining of your throat. As you chew (and hopefully spit) tobacco saliva, you’re still getting trace amounts in your throat. The end result is immense bad breath and rapid degeneration of your deeper tissue. The more prolonged use, the harder it is to eliminate bad breath.

Chewing Tobacco and Pregnancy

Chewing tobacco is known to be related to stillbirths as well as early labor, and birth defects. Apart from that, it also brings on high blood pressure and heart disease—two things that are also more likely to ensnare pregnant women. Whether you’re using dissolvable, chewing, or smoking it, tobacco is going to hurt your entire body. Chewing tobacco accelerates that process by having tobacco absorbed directly into your body, traveling through your bloodstream, and landing in your heart and other major organs. During pregnancy, this is one of the worst things you could ever possibly do to your body, as you share a blood supply with your child.

Chewing Tobacco Causes Irreparable Harm

If you’ve been using chewing tobacco, beyond stopping, you should immediately see your local Las Vegas Dentist. Get a full analysis of your oral healthcare, and determine what negative effects were brought unto your teeth and gums during use.


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