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Can I Have Dental Implants Even If I’m Older?

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Dental implants have been prominent in dentistry ever since they achieved widespread adoption. Since they provide a permanent fix to the glaring problem of missing teeth, they are used as a solution to a variety of issues.

These problems include but are not limited to teeth that have fallen prey to decay, accidents, and even old age. Emergency services such as Teeth in a Day also use dental implants to the advantage of patients who have lost their tooth all of a sudden.

Yes. Even older adults can enjoy the benefits of dental implants in Las Vegas. All they need is a proficient dentist who could do a thorough checkup of their dental structure. This way they may make certain that it meets the requirements of an optimal implant procedure.

They Can Work For All Ages

Dental implants in Las Vegas or anywhere else in the world, for that matter, are not restricted by age. Anyone of any age could have dental implants installed as long as their dental structure is fit for the procedure.

You need to check with your local dentist to determine whether your dental structure is optimal to receive implants. This helps you make decisions accordingly and lets you determine if dental implants would be the best option for you to begin with.

Requirements for Dental Implants (Relatively Healthy)

If you are considering dental implants due to aging, then it may already mean that your dental health may not be in the best condition. That is quite understandable and nothing to worry about.

The key here is to pay attention to the  “relative health” of your dental life.

In order for dental implants to get fixed into your mouth, your jaw bone needs to be thick enough to hold their roots. It also needs to be healthy enough to “bond” with your dental implant roots.

As long as your jaw bone and gum tissue meet this requirement, you can easily receive dental implants in Las Vegas.

Implants Will Be In Demand As Populations Stay Alive for Longer

That is the reason why implants are not associated with age, but just a few dental health requirements.

With medical advancements and the focus on longevity, it is quite possible that more people would be able to live past the usual lifespan. As more and more people go down this path, it is possible that they would need a helping hand in terms of dental implants.

That’s where we come in.

As a proficient, credible and experienced dentist, Dr. Ignatowicz provides dental implant procedures for his patients in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. No matter your age, our staff could help you obtain the solutions you require.

Keeping this in mind, contact Dr. Ignatowicz today at (702)473-5100. Let us help you get your smile back through dental implants – so you could live through the old age with a younger spirit in your heart.

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