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Restoring Periodontally Involved Teeth

Restoring Periodontally Involved Teeth


Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gum tissue that surrounds the base of your teeth. When gingivitis persists, it can turn into periodontitis. Periodontal disease is a serious oral health issue. It can loosen your teeth and is a cause of tooth loss in adults. Your dentist may present you with several different treatment options to care for and restore teeth that have been affected by periodontal disease.

Root Planing and Scaling

Root planing and scaling are two nonsurgical interventions that your dentist or periodontist can do to your teeth. Your dentist will use small instruments in order to smooth and clean the roots of your teeth. The cleaning and smoothing is done at and below the gumline. The goal of these procedures is to remove the bacteria from your teeth and gums. This type of care also makes it less likely for bacteria to reinvade your gum tissue because it is harder for them to grow on smooth tooth roots.

Flap Surgery

Flap surgery is a procedure in which your dentist cleans out the bacteria and plaque that has accumulated in deep pockets of your gum tissue. Your dentist may also surgically repair the pockets so that bacteria cannot gain access to the area again. The gums are sutured around the base of your teeth, allowing them to maintain a tighter fit after they heal.

Tissue and Bone Grafts

If your teeth are loose due to periodontal disease, you may need a soft tissue or bone graft. The tissue or bone is placed in the area where you have lost gum tissue or jaw bone mass. New bone grows and anchors your teeth in place.

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