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Fixed Bridges

Fixed Bridges

When two or more of your teeth on your upper or lower jaw are missing, fixed bridges are an efficient way to restore full functionality to your mouth. Fixed bridges are also referred to as permanent partial dentures. They are designed to bridge the gap between your remaining teeth.

How Fixed Bridges Work

Fixed bridges are made from gold, gold alloy, or porcelain fused to gold. They are attached to your natural teeth with dental crowns or secured to your jaw with a dental implant. The bridge has a metal framework that two or more pontics, or artificial tooth crowns, are attached to. The artificial tooth crowns are custom made for you and designed to blend in with your natural teeth.

The Process of Getting Fixed Bridges

To fit you with a fixed dental bridge, your dentist will begin by taking X-rays and impressions of your mouth. These are sent to a dental lab that will make the bridge. Your dentist will prepare two of your remaining teeth to receive crowns. The crowns will anchor the fixed bridge into place. A dental implant can also be used to anchor a bridge into place. The bridge with its artificial tooth crowns is cemented to the crowns or implant to complete the process.

The Benefits of Fixed Dental Bridges

Fixed dental bridges restore your ability to chew, speak, and smile. They help to maintain the shape of your face and keep your remaining teeth in their proper places in your jaws. They also help to distribute the forces of biting and chewing across all of your teeth. These bridges do not require any dental adhesives.

To learn more about fixed bridges to restore your smile, call the dental practice of Joshua Ignatowicz, DMD, today.

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