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When you have tooth decay, your dentist will remove it to preserve the rest of the tooth’s structure. After the decay is removed, your tooth will need to be restored for both functional and aesthetic reasons. When the decay is on a visible part of your tooth, composite fillings are a great choice. Also referred to as tooth-colored fillings, composite fillings offer many advantages for your oral health.

When Composites Are Used

Composite fillings are used when a small- to medium-sized area of missing tooth needs to be replaced. They can be used on your front or back teeth. The composite material can withstand moderate pressure from biting and chewing forces when you eat. People choose a composite filling when they want their smile to look as natural as possible

How Composite Fillings Work

Before composite fillings are applied, the tooth must be prepared. It will be cleaned, and decay will be removed. Once your tooth is prepared to receive the filling, your dentist will mix the composite materials. The dentist then adds some coloring agents to exactly match the color of your tooth. The composite is then applied in layers. A specialized light is used in between layers to cure them. Afterward, the dentist will shape and polish the filling.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

There are many benefits to using composite fillings. They minimize sensitivity in your teeth, especially when eating or drinking hot or cold foods. They can also be completed in a single visit to the dentist’s office. The composite material bonds to both enamel and dentin. Over time, the composite releases fluoride, which may help to strengthen the tooth and prevent it from further decay. The strong bond also helps to reduce leakage. Composite also works well on primary teeth if a child needs to have a dental filling applied.

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