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5 (More) Tips on Improving Your Dental Routine

When it comes to improved dental hygiene for those living in and around the Las Vegas area, previously, we discussed the importance of incorporating the five following steps into your daily dental routine for improved oral hygiene:

  • Brushing appropriately
  • Flossing effectively   
  • Rinsing with mouthwash regularly
  • Cleaning tongue sufficiently
  • Avoiding sugary foods.

In addition to these ‘must-do’s,” five more steps to add to your daily routine include:

Making sure your toothbrush is effective – your toothbrush should be ADA-approved, stored in an open container, positioned upright, at least two feet away from the toilet, cleaned once a week, kept away from other toothbrushes, washed thoroughly after each use and replaced every three to four months.

Making sure your toothpaste is appropriate – your toothpaste should contain the ADA Seal of Acceptance, include at least 1450ppms of fluoride, applied in a pea-sized amount and have the cap replaced after each cleaning to avoid attracting bacteria. Should a teeth-whitening toothpaste be selected, discuss this with your dentist to make sure the one you’ve selected is appropriate, and not too harsh, for your particular teeth.

Food choices that support strong teeth and gums – Milk is known to strengthen teeth because it contains Vitamin D and other important vitamins and minerals, but did you know these foods also help promote strong teeth:

  • Water – for hydration and proper rinsing of your mouth
  • Cheese – as reported in the May/June 2013 issue of General Dentistry, the Academy of General Dentistry found that cheese raises a mouth’s pH level for up to 30 minutes, which combats the low pH levels that normally exist and cause tooth erosion.
  • Apples – an apple a day can keep the doctor and dentist away, however opinions do vary. The thinking is that an apple can naturally “scrub” your teeth because of its many fibers.
  • Nuts – because of their high fiber content, folic acid, calcium and other minerals/vitamins, nuts also help make your teeth stronger.
  • Sugarless gum – chewing sugarless gum can help dislodge all the food particles between your teeth that might otherwise contribute to tooth decay

Teeth-whitening in moderation  – if over-used, teeth-whitening can actually do more harm than good. This applies to at-home teeth-whitening products as well. Talk to your dentist about the best recommendations for your particular teeth.  

Dental visits routinely – this cannot be emphasized enough. Only a reputable Las Vegas dentist, like Dr. Joshua M. Ignatowicz, can perform the proper exam to make sure your teeth are treated and maintained the best way possible.

For more information about how effective your dental routine is, contact us or call (702) 473-5100 today.

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