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5 Foods That Damage Your Teeth

We all love certain foods, but some of them can be far worse than others for your teeth. With proper brushing and use of mouthwash, you can minimize the impact these foods make on your teeth. These are five of many foods that your Las Vegas, Henderson dentist wants you to be aware of.


  • Bread


Your saliva breaks down food before it reaches your stomach, aiding in digestion. Due to this breakdown, basic compounds of food are introduced to your teeth almost on contact. With bread, your saliva breaks it down into its most basic form: sugar. Brea sticks to your teeth, the roof of your mouth, and then transforms into sugar, coating nearly every part of your mouth.


  • Soda


One of the least surprising items on this list, but a serious risk to your teeth nonetheless. Soda and its sugar contents aren’t the only culprit: carbonation also plays a part. Carbonation is essentially acid, so when you drink a soda, you’re repeatedly coating your teeth in acid and sugar. The acid aids in plaque buildup, creating stuck-on tartar that damages your teeth long-term.


  • Sour Candies


We’re all aware that when we enjoy candy, it’s not good for our teeth, but that we can brush, floss, and use mouthwash to negate the effects. With sour candies, there’s an entirely different set of issues. The substance that creates the sour creates little divots in your teeth, allowing food and bacteria to get stuck. They are also sticky, and when they cake onto your teeth, they’re leaving a sugary footprint.


  • Citrus Fruits


It’s better to drink your citrus than bite into an orange or grapefruit. The acidity in most citric fruits erode your enamel, allowing sugar and bacteria to make direct contact with your teeth.


  • Potato Chips


If you’ve ever felt the edge of a potato chip wedge between your gums and a tooth, you know that they can be potentially painful to eat. They’re also loaded with starch, which turns into sugar, much like bread. The problem here is that their coarseness can scrape your teeth, get between your gums, and get stuck everywhere in your mouth.


Utilize this dental advice, and stay up-to-date on your dental visits so you dentist can identify any damages sustained to your gums and teeth, and aid you in preventing further issues from occurring.

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