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5 Benefits To Using a Water Flosser At Home

Flossing can be a pain, and to be completely honest, a lot of people are doing it improperly. There’s a secret weapon that nobody’s utilizing, but everyone should be—water flossers. It takes most of the human error out of flossing. Here are the best flossing tips from your Henderson, NV dentist.

  1. No Direct Contact

When we floss with picks (not recommended) or traditional floss lines, we’re also putting our fingers in our mouth, which isn’t good for our oral health. It’s pushing a bunch of bacteria into our mouths; water flossing is the answer.

  1. Thorough Flossing

There’s a large margin of error when you don’t floss right. When you get into the same habits every day, they can slowly lose their effectivity. Think about how excellent a driver you were in the beginning, and now, you may be more relaxed—it’s the same effect. Your flossing has to be thorough—electric water flossers take the guesswork out of it.

  1. Healthier Gums

When you go to purchase a dental flosser, they often have “14 Day Healthier Gum” guarantees. Most models who promise that actually follow through. The space between your teeth and the height of your gums gets loaded up with food particles all the time, as well as bacteria. A water flosser is able to handle all of that, and then some.

  1. Stop Damaging Your Teeth

If you don’t know how to floss properly, you could be harming little divots in your tooth enamel by making them larger. This is going to make you more prone to cavities in that area, but gentle water streams are much more effective in alleviating these issues without causing harm.

  1. Less Likely Chance of Cavities

Even with flossing, there are hard-to-reach areas that we just don’t manage all the time. Using a water flosser only takes one minute—two if you want to be thorough—and clears out more bacteria and food particles from between teeth, and along the gum line than traditional flossing does.

You’re armed with a few good flossing tips from your Henderson, NV dentist; remember that a deep cleaning by your dentist is always the most effective way to maintain a healthy smile, gums, and a cavity-free mouth. Using a water flosser properly between six-month cleanings is certain to keep your oral healthcare in excellent standing.


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